Behavioral Patterns - Visitor Pattern Exercise

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Zhenyang Hua

Updated: Jul 17, 2018

The Visitor Pattern represents an operation to be performed on elements of an object structure. Visitor lets you define a new operation without changing the classes of the elements on which it operates. In this exercise, we will create a bookstore inventory structure that collects books, movies, and music. We will add shared behaviors across this hierarchical structure by using the Visitor Pattern.

## Reading Materials 1. <a target="_blank" href=""><i class="external alternate icon"></i></a> (15 minutes reading) ## Practice Materials 1. Use the **Visitor Pattern** to create a bookstore inventory that meets the following requirements: - the bookstore inventory collects **books**, **movies**, and **music**. - all these three media types have their own members and one common member - **title** - add one behavior to the media so that the operation can print out all the titles. - add second behavior to the media so that the operation can print out details of all media and the total count of media while the media is traversed. ### Components: 1. Visitor Interface (The operation that is shared across visited elements) - `MediaVisitor` 2. Element Interface (The hierarchical structure that accepts the operation from a visitor) - `Media` 3. Concrete Elements (The elements in the hierarchical structure that will be visited) - `Book`, `Movie`, `Music` 4. Concrete Visitors (Each visitor will define one type of operation) - `TitlePrintingVisitor`, `DetailPrintingVisitor` 5. Iterator for traversal (The root structure that holds the references to all the sub-elements) - `Inventory` ### Tips - Visitors can have their own internal state to keep track of the elements they visit. ### Solution <a target="_blank" href=""><i class="external alternate icon"></i> Bookstore Inventory Example</a> ## Questions to discuss 1. What are the common use cases to apply the **Template Method Pattern**? 2. What are the two major disadvantages of the **Visitor Pattern**? - Break Encapsulation - Difficult to add more subclasses to the hierarchical structure