IE Won't Set Cookie


Zhenyang Hua

Updated: Oct 30, 2018

This article shares a different behavior in IE than Chrome when expecting to set a cookie.

I have a client app that using javascript to set the cookie for URL: http://localhost/login The code looks like this: ```javascript var c = "_s=" + sessionId + ";path='/';max-age=36000"; document.cookie = c; console.log("c", c); console.log("Cookie", document.cookie); ``` In chrome, it prints out: ``` c _s=1b022d51-00c3-4a40-a105-35c638986354;path='/';max-age=36000 Cookie _s=1b022d51-00c3-4a40-a105-35c638986354 ``` But in IE (11 or edge 17) It prints out: ``` c _s=1b022d51-00c3-4a40-a105-35c638986354;path='/';max-age=36000 Cookie ``` I have enabled setting cookie option in the internet option, but still got nothing back after setting the cookie. It turns out IE doesn't like the quotes around the `path` option, while other browsers aren't that picky. Remove the quote resolves the problem.