Spring JMS and JPA XA Transactions with WebLogic

Feb 26, 2019

This article shows the configuration of using XA transactions with the resources managed by WebLogic server.... Read more

Creating a Library Project for Spring Boot

Jan 07, 2019

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Reload Configurations from Spring Cloud Config

Nov 13, 2018

Spring Cloud Config Server automatically retrieves specified configurations backed on Git based Repository. To ask the affected Spring Cloud Config clients to use the updated configuration, a signal needs to be sent to the client. This article shows ... Read more

Overwriting Spring Security Context through Filter

Oct 30, 2018

This article presents a strategy that overwrites the spring security context in order to allow a user to visit the resources without authenticating the user through the authentication filters. ... Read more

Spring Data MongoDB GridFS 3.4

Oct 17, 2018

This article shows a typical usage of MongoDB GridFS with Spring Data MongoDB. This is for MongoDB java driver v3.4 and Spring Data MongoDB v1.10.x. Note that Spring Data MongoDB v2.X introduces breaking changes with the MongoDB java driver 3.6+. Thi... Read more

Handle Non-encoded Request URL

Oct 14, 2018

Normally we need to encode the request URL from the client before sending a request to the server, but there may be just one time that you really can't enforce the client to encode their request URL and sometimes it contains special characters that w... Read more

Tomcat Invalid Character in Request

Oct 10, 2018

8.5 Tomcat throws an `IllegalArgumentException` when processing request URL that has non-encoded illegal special characters. This article shows two workarounds.... Read more

Spring Data Repository Query Precedence Tricks

Oct 10, 2018

Spring Data repository method is very handy but it also comes with its limitation, especially when composed with condition precedence. This article shows one way to work with it and its caveats.... Read more

Add Model Attributes to Layout Template

May 11, 2018

`@ControllerAdvice` is widely used to create exception handlers in a cross-cutting way when writing a Spring MVC or REST application. It could also be used to solve adding model attributes to any groups of controllers so that the model could be share... Read more

Spring @Transactional - Propagation Type

May 08, 2018

Spring `@Transactional` annotation is concise and powerful. To understand what's the best property setting for your use case in this annotation could be confusing if you don't clearly understand what transaction management key concepts are. In this s... Read more